Why CircleHD?

Your business depends on Video for employee training, knowledge sharing, sales enablement and employee collaboration. CircleHD allows subject matter experts to make videos easily and send securely. With complete control you know to find who can watch them. This is done through Digital Rights Management, encryption, and various login security measures.

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Easy video collaboration for teams

All videos created or uploaded are visible on a single web page, and can be intelligently organized in different Channels (like folders), and Playlists (for sharing custom-created lists of videos to share with specific people or groups).

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android make it much easier to access videos on your phone while on the go

Cloud Content Management

CircleHD lets you stay on top of your content by allowing you to have control over the creation and management of your video, audio, slides and documents from easy to use web based administration.

Robust Security

You need to be able to limit viewers to a select group. With CircleHD, you can set permissions on individual videos or for entire channel. CircleHD gives you the ability to keep it all in one place.

Advanced AI Search

Finding relevant content is not only important but also saves a lot of time. Pictures are worth thousand words, videos worth at least a million. Find every spoken word in search with CircleHD's powerful artificial intelligence system automatically generates transcription from the words spoken in the video. Jump straight to the point where words are spoken in the video.

Training and Quizzing

Strengthen your employee skills through the use of playlists and lessons. Playlists allow you to watch one video and move on to the next automatically. You can tag your videos to give them leverage in searches and receive feedback from customers and colleagues with ease.

External Sharing

Have training material that you want to share with a customer or business partner? CircleHD allows you to externalize specific Playlists via links after you upload videos.

Review Viewer Analytics

Who consumed your content and when? How much did they watch? Did somebody skip ahead or stop watching halfway through? CircleHD lets you track this important information so you can improve and make adjustments. You won’t be left standing in the dark. Keep your business ahead of the competition with CircleHD at your side and see where the future leads.

Feedback and Engagement

Feedback is crucial to success. Viewers can leave comments when you send videos and offer valuable advice that you can implement at your own pace. Their ability to like or dislike a video will give you a window into the preferences of your demographics.

Customize Metadata Fields

Metadata isn’t just a term – it’s a tool you can harness. Customize your video metadata according to your needs to ensure high-fidelity filtering capability in search results.

Automated Closed Captioning

In today’s world, closed captioning (CC) is essential not only for accessibility but who might wish to watch your content without sound. CircleHD automatically generated text transcription that also improves search and discovery of the video content.

Salesforce integration

In many sales organizations, onboarding and training salespeople is an ad hoc, labor-intensive effort, with no ability to gauge success. With the CircleHD platform, you can do it better by easily create and curate videos to teach your team how to use CRM; how to advance deals through opportunity Stages; and much more all with-in Salesforce.

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