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Go beyond video and text media to get ahead of the competition and transform your enterprise into a next-gen communication powerhouse with our secure, feature-rich podcasting platform.

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Cut Through
the Endless Chatter

With workers facing information overload, objectives and goals can get lost in a wall of noise, and passing information down the pike can be difficult. Podcasting ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

Connect Your
Global Workforce

Bring your employees all over the globe together, keep messaging consistent across your enterprise, and remove the communication barriers that often plague distributed teams. 

Meet Your Employees
Where They Are

Keep everyone at your organization in sync and enable your teams to access learning and key company information on their own terms, regardless of time, location, or wifi connection. 

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Native Recording Tools

Gone are the days of needing a complicated setup and expensive software to produce high-quality podcast content. CircleHD’s built-in web recorder allows you to create episodes directly from your browser. No additional installation necessary.

Easy Management

CircleHD has a single, easy-to-use interface where you can host multiple shows, assign different managers to each podcast, and schedule content to publish at your preferred time and date.

Engage Like Never Before

Reading is a relatively recent addition to the brain’s evolutionary abilities, and the brain quickly tires of it. Not only does vocal content allow you to relay more information in less time, but the subtleties of pitch and tone also make it more effective at influencing behavior and relationship building.

Improve Executive-Employee Relations

Start a podcast for internal communications to create connection between leadership and employees. This can lead to better company culture and workplace relationships and provide an easy way to deliver company news.

Enable Knowledge On-the-Go

Use our podcasting platform and micro podcasting apps to empower your audience at any time: 64% of podcast listeners tune in while driving, 43% at the gym, and 49% consume content while walking.

Integrate Into Dynamic Libraries​

CircleHD’s podcasting solution is the perfect companion to our Learning Experience Platform. Pair audio content with videos, documents, quizzes (and more) to increase knowledge retention, power up employee engagement, and supercharge your bottom line.

Boosting ROI using Video

Get Powerful Analytics and Insights

Measure your audience with CircleHD’s powerful analytics feature. Our built-in employee segmentation and KPI tools allow you to understand how employees are reacting to your content, which episodes are most popular, and more.


Our high-performing iOS and Android micro podcasting apps allow employees to access podcast content on-demand, from any location–including offline.

Powered by AI

Search done better. Intelligent transcription capabilities allow you to find where spoken words and phrases occur in your content. 


Boosting ROI using Video

Custom Branding

Make your platform look and feel like a natural extension of your brand with a customizable interface that includes the ability to select your own colors, upload your logo, and more. 

Access Controls

Do you want to create a podcast for internal communications for specific teams? CircleHD allows you to restrict your content to certain groups. You can also use active directory groups and HRIS attributes, such as department and cost center names, to limit access to a specific audience.

Integrate With Leading Podcasting Platforms

No matter which programs your company is using, CircleHD fits with them all. Check out our extensive integrations list. Don’t see yours? We can build you a custom one

Major players like American Airlines and Samsung have all begun implementing corporate podcasting into their integrated communications plan. Have you? Learn how you can make it successful at your organization.

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Business-Grade SLA with 24/7 Service

Backed by our 99.99% availability guarantee you can rest-assured your employees can access content anytime they need it without any disruption to your business.

Privacy Matters

Even though employees have access to content, it stays hosted within the CircleHD app and portal environment. This functionality helps your company avoid BYOD security situations, such as former staff retaining access to company content past their tenure.

Highly Secure

CircleHD hosts your content in the Amazon cloud, a SOC-1 security facility, so you can be assured that the content will be stored and served securely in the cloud only to whom you permit with AES 256-bit encryption.

Single Sign On

We have a native integration available for most secure enterprise needs. Only your employees can access your internal content when logged in via Single Sign-On, Active Directory, or through SAML IAMs such as Okta, Ping Identity, or OneLogin.

Access Control

CircleHD allows you to restrict your content to certain groups. You can also use active directory groups and HRIS attributes, such as department and cost center names, to limit access to a specific audience.

SCIM Provisioning

Easily provision and deprovision users from HRIS systems.


Developer SDK provides secured APIs for enterprise integration within SalesForce and other systems. We are among the top companies to adopt GraphQL and moving the integration forward.

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