Reach Your Goals Faster with Enterprise Video Management & Informal Learning Training

CircleHD incorporates enterprise-grade security and an easy-to-use interface to give you more control over internal content. Quickly share corporate communications, sales training, informal learning modules and internal messaging to help your team stay informed.

A Full Suite of Video Features for Every Need

Native Video Recording

Quickly record meetings, talking head content with your webcam, or a screen share to create relevant content on the fly. 

External File Support

Already have video content created? CircleHD supports uploading files in just about every major format. 

Playlists and Courses

Create tailored experiences for teams, committees, and new hires with playlists and courses in just a few clicks.

AI-Powered Search

Always find what you’re looking for with AI-powered search, custom tags and keywords and reduce the back and forth.

Engagement Analytics

Want to know if your most recent course was a hit? Access deep insights into engagement, retention, and find what works best. 

Two-factor Authentication

Keep your most valuable proprietary content safe, secure, and internal with a robust set of industry-leading security features and permissions.

Custom Branding

Make our video platform feel like home with custom branding and  tailored design to fit your company identity and create a seamless user experience. 

A World of Integrations

Connect the CircleHD video platform with your existing tech stack to create a cohesive ecosystem supporting your team’s daily work.

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All the Tools You Need for Video Success

All the Tools You Need for Video Success

One video platform, limitless potential for your team

Creating video content is easy. Smartphones, webcams, and tablets make capturing almost anything in seconds possible. But keeping that content secure, organized, and up-to-date? 

That’s a different story. 

CircleHD is an all-in-one video platform built for enterprise teams. With one simple interface, you have all the tools you need to go from concept to distribution at your fingertips. 

By centralizing your video content in a secure access point, you can better control messaging, eliminate informational gaps, and keep teams on the same page. Streamline processes, create engaging content, and foster a culture of open communication with CircleHD. 

Our Video Content Products

All the Tools You Need for Video Success

Create Courses and Playlists in Seconds, Not Months

A Learning Experience Platform that Produces Results

Informal learning and development are about growth, but it’s hard to improve if your teams can’t find the content they need. Easily upload videos, documents, podcasts, and slide presentations, and create training courses and playlists for every job function. 

  • Build courses and playlists
  • Test knowledge with quizzes and gamification
  • Measure engagement with analytics
Your teams will always know where to find what they need, and you’ll always know how they’re performing with detailed engagement analytics.

All the Tools You Need for Video Success

Empower Sales Reps with Relevant Content

Coaching to Enablement, Create a Library that Wins Deals

Whether you’re onboarding new hires or teaching complex product features, CircleHD helps sales reps stay up-to-date. The intuitive platform creates a central access point for company communications, announcements, and training modules that reps can access from any device. 

  • Keep remote teams engaged and aligned
  • Mobile app for on-the-go training
  • Quickly deploy new tactics and ideas

With the right tools, reps can nurture leads, reduce sales cycles, and keep your pipeline moving from day one.


All the Tools You Need for Video Success

Share Ideas and Inspiration with Podcasting

Go Beyond Video and Text, More Ways to Engage

With enterprise podcasting from CircleHD, you can keep your team connected – wherever they are. From morning meetings to brainstorming sessions, CircleHD’s integrated podcasting feature helps your team stay up-to-date on the latest topics, trends, and stories that matter most to your organization.

  • Record directly in our platform
  • Distribute easily with just a few clicks
  • Keep internal audiences engaged
The built-in recording and editing tools make it easy to create captivating content that engages your audience from start to finish.

Secure Your Most Valuable Content & Data

Companies in every vertical trust CircleHD to keep data secure.

From SAML2 Based SSO to Advanced Two-factor Authentication, permissions management to IP whitelisting, you can stay in control of who accesses your internal materials. 

Share More, Learn More with CircleHD

What our users say about the platform

“Since we’ve had CircleHD, we have been able to share great video content, and more than that, we can provide a secure, mobile, and enterprise-class experience” 

– Jody Wilkins, SAP Concur

“CircleHD is our Enterprise Youtube, appropriately called “OktaTV.” When we bought them and had additional requirements, they worked with us to get what we needed.”

– Enablement Platforms Manager, Okta


“CircleHD provides a unique secure enterprise video sharing, and now streaming, service that is the best on the market for our needs. The platform has been rock solid.”

-Liang Gang Y., Principle Architect III


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