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CircleHD is the only training platform with native support for video, podcasting, and slide decks that incorporates enterprise-grade security, AI-powered search capabilities, and a powerful analytics suite.

Elevate your Corporate Learning and Sales Training Today

Powering Up Your Digital Learning Experience with AI

Audio + Podcasts

Securely implement a corporate podcast and watch employee engagement go through the roof. Natively record, upload and share audio content your team can access on-the-go, even if there's no wifi connection.


Upload, manage and share corporate communications and training videos into fully-customized channels and playlists. Content is automatically transcribed for better knowledge retention.

Slide Desks

Easily upload, annotate, and share slide decks with your team without the open delays. Get detailed content insights with robust analytics.


Deliver content on intranet and extranet without compromising corporate security. Use SSO, ACL, IP restriction, encryption and MFA.

Find every spoken word or slide in your content library with our AI-powered search.
Netflix-style content recommendations and detailed analytics.
All in one platform.

CircleHD Customers

Deliver rich learning experience to employees anywhere, anytime on any device.

How Companies are using CircleHD

Employee Onboarding
Skills Development
Knowledge Sharing
Passive Learning
Sharing Meetings

AVAILABLE NOW: CircleHD's Integration With Zoom

Enterprise Media Platform + Enabler Of Other Enterprise Apps.

What Customers Say About Us

Before we had CircleHD, employees in different business units were uploading their videos wherever. Other solutions weren't providing very good end user experience. Since we have CircleHD we are able to share great video content and more than that we can provide secure, mobile and enterprise class experience our global mobile employees have come to expect.

‐ Jody Wilkins, SAP Concur