Data Protection at CircleHD

We understand the value of data. With our robust system of data safeguards, we help you to focus on creating great content rather than on its security. Therefore we follow industry best practices and multi data center data protection measures including encryption (during transit and storage), continuous backups, replication and high availability architecture. Read more on security features..

Customer own their data

CircleHD will use customer data only to provide the services we have agreed upon, and for purposes that are compatible with providing those services. We do not share your data for marketing or advertising. If you leave the service, we take the necessary steps to ensure the continued ownership of your data.

How we use data to provide you better service?


Troubleshooting for preventing, detecting, and repairing problems affecting operations of services.

Feature improvement

Ongoing improvement of features including increasing reliability and protection of services and data.

Personalized customer experience

Data is used to provide personalized improvements and better customer experiences.

What happens to your data if you leave the service

CircleHD is governed by strict standards and removes customer data from systems under our control, overwriting storage resources before reuse, and purging or destroying decommissioned servers.

Data retention

If you terminate a subscription or it expires (except for free trials), CircleHD will store your customer data in a limited-function account for 90 days (the “retention period”) to give you time to extract the data or renew your subscription. During this period, CircleHD may provide multiple notices, so you will be amply forewarned of the upcoming deletion of data.

After this 90-day retention period, CircleHD will disable the account and delete the customer data, this may not include any cached or backup copies. For in-scope services, that deletion will occur within 90 days after the end of the retention period.

Since customer data is hosted in the multitenant environments of CircleHD services, we take careful measures to logically separate customer data. This helps prevent one customer’s data from leaking into that of another customer, which also helps to block any customer from accessing another customer’s deleted data.